is an anagram, and the title given to a monthly literary event. It is curated by Mário Gomes, Jochen Thermann, Eirik Sördal, Joana Bértholo and John Holten.

Filament Stanza is thursday night literature in Altes Finanzamt : apart from the straightforward readings Filament Stanza has programmed literary performances, such as live-writing duels, a 24h typewriting marathon and scenic readings. Other projects include Das Poesiebüro and the Edition Eintagsfliege, an assembly line of handmade cardboard books, inspired by Joana's stay at Eloisa Cartonera (Buenos Aires).

Altes Finanzamt is one of the best kept secrets of Neukölln. Though it’s hard to find and though the logic according to which the opening days are fixed may not seem evident, it’s cozy and friendly inside. You can get Portuguese wine or beer, usually served with lupines - which have nothing to do with Spanish tapas - while you listen to experimental music or to a reading.




DECEMBER_8_ POESIEBüRO - bureaucratic poetry on Demand.
Just fill in the application form, pay a minimal processing fee and let our literary functionaries typewrite and issue the poem you want.

OCTOBER_13_ Filament Stanza Mashup Party!!! readings by Magalí Bonelli-Bassano and Shane Anderson, followed by a concert by Gorilla Mask

SEPTEMBER_15_ "BÉRTHOLO / / CUNNINGHAM / / PICOTTO // VITALLI" present new work - 2 authors reading their soon to be published work and a solo concert with live painting.

AUGUST_2011_ "Summer Special" - Call for poets. Reading with: Meyrick Payne, Sophia Le Fraga, Joa Gridfonte, Lisa Holles, Roberto Equisoain, Milena Oda; followed by DJ battle Gomes vs. Gomes.

JULY_ 2011_ "Broken Hearts"

JUNE_18/19_ writing performance 24 Stunden Schreiben Marathon within the 48h Neukölln, Berlin

MAY_24_ New Word Order - Call for Poets
five contrasting poets on the bill, reading from their recent works in several languages. The evening takes us on a transatlantic flight from South America to Scandinavia and back, with a stop-over in New York. With Rery Maldonado, Maria Toreld, Sergio Zevallos, Bjarte Alvestad and Sophia Le Fraga; Simultaneous presentation of Paper Freaks Fanzine.

APRIL_21_"Berlin : Großstadtfragmente"_ Lesung mit Marco Astolfi und Steven Warwick _ Live Ton von Mário Gomes & Graf Schrecks

MARCH_21_ Poetry vs. Prose
A literary duel of sixty minutes, with two typewriters and 101 photographies. An all-in-one battle: Portuguese Literature vs. Irish Literature. German language vs. English language. Poetry vs. Prose.
With Mario Gomes, on the Poetry side and John Holten, typing for Prose. Photos by David Meskhi.
Live Sound Performance by Graf Schrecks.




You can hear the podcast of Mario, Jochen and Joana at with Paula Varjack, March 2011.


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Altes Finanzamt
Schönstedtstr. 7 (backyard)
U-bhf. Rathaus Neukölln, BERLIN