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I joined the Social Design Site team in June 2007, fresh out of Design school. I got to be part of the team that updated the platform to a 2.0 experience, and I initiated the Blog - which is not online anymore.

The purpose of this site is to build a community and to foster a discourse for social design on an international level. Social design projects from across the globe are exhibited in order to highlight different aspects of our social world, while project owners and site visitors are encouraged to engage in free exploration and open discussion on social design.'s mission is to empower people with the understanding that "we cannot not change the world".

I encourage you to explore the website, get acquainted with the new projects, receive them regularly through RSS, follow us through twitter, suggest a project, recommend the website to friends and other social designers, raise new topics and debate in our discussion blog, and spread the word.

If Portuguese is not a problem, I also recommend this online interview I recently gave to the Design blog REACTOR, where I get to talk a bit deeper about the SocialDesignSite's mission.

If you wish to contact me about any issue regarding the SocialDesignSite, please mailto: joana [at]


While working at the SocialDesignSite in Berlin I conducted and/or edited a series of interviews with SocialDesign project owners. This slideshow includes also some images of a workshop with design students in a small village in the North of Portugal.