The DESIGN 21 - Social Design Network challenges designers of all disciplines to find solutions to social and global issues. "Heated Issue" was a campaign in 4 images and a video.

My individual submission was called "ARE YOU READY?" ; and together and with Albio Nascimento, Kathi Stertzig, and Julia Paass we submitted the "THE TO-DO TODAY" campaign.
You can find both of them below:


"Initially inspired by the initiative, this is a campaign that focus on creating a public image bank as means of creating awareness – and engagement.

Images will be contributed by artists, photographers and amateurs. As
this is everyone's challenge, this is everyone's chance to communicate
it. To perceive it, to recognize it all around, to portray it, to upload
it ( to comment on it, to vote for the ones that
get printed and enter the media (billboards, newspapers, magazines,
etc). But you can also print your own at home and show it in your window.
You can vote the best at your office. This is your campaign. This will
be everybody's campaign. ARE YOU READY?

Every ad will feature the donated image (copyleft),
the caption that explains what specific climate threat does that image
refer to (rise of sea levels, natural catastrophies, environmental refugees,
etc.), where and by whom it was taken, the website's address, and the
campaign's mottos: ARE YOU READY?


with Albio Nascimento, Kathi Stertzig, and Julia Paass

"Our campaign points to the fact that everybody can do something.
Everyday. Everywhere. People just have to be reminded.
If we want to get things done we make a to-do-list. It's a question
of priorities: saving the climate should be on top of everybody's to-do-list.
And this is what our campaign provides: elements for everyone's personal
to-do-list. Our message is: Look, you can do something about global warming! Here
and now!

The TO DO TODAY campaign tells people what they can
do at the very places where they can actually realize it: in the streets, in their cars, while
shopping, at home ...
Besides normal billboards and urban media communication, a real memo
pad would be offered as a means of "proactive campaigning".
The Post-it comes already written, full of instructions on how to save
the climate. You can use it for yourself or stick it around your work
environment and home. Aditionally there are stickers and flyers to be
placed all over the city adding straightforward messages at all relevant

On the website WWW.TO-DO-TODAY.ORG , people can choose
from a long list of things to do and create their personal TO DO LIST. In the portal the
users can share their experiences, give tips, suggest more to-dos and
finally enjoy the rewarding feeling of crossing something off their
lists.An offer of engaging possibilities."

click to watch the movie.

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